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The Circuitry of Life

What do you get when you have a world reknown designer, a helipad in the middle of downtown Los Angeles and Red Bull mixed in one? The Circuitry of Life, a multimedia experience bigger than life is what you get.

Heather Shaw, design futurist as coined by the LA Times brought for two nights only an experience thru the circuits of technology. Culture Theory was floored and excited to shoot yet another one of her otherworldy landscapes as a rooftop of Los Angeles was transformed into a 4 story time capsule cube of music and technology of sorts.

During the process of Vitamotus' pre-production, Culture Theory was also responsible for releasing the event on their social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook page. The images were released as the event was happening, giving her fans and audience whom were not able to attend in person a real live experience. Performances by the Zadonu African Dance Company, the UCLA Chamber Ensemble, The Reflections and Jamie Lidell w/ Paul Taylor were included in the nights event.




#siouxzenkang #rbanight #vitamotus #multimedia #3dmapprojection #jamielidell #ucla #dance #thecircuitryoflife

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