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New logo mark for Saryina.LA

How fun! We just finished a logo mark for Sarinya.LA for her upcoming chef and food styling website. She asked us for something clean and timeless. Yet simple and bold. Her directions were that she was really into handwritten lettering and she loved the "Sinatra" font that is famously known. We came back to her with a couple of different ideas and mostly handwritten fonts and we narrowed it down to this mark. We felt that this was able to get her namesake out loud and bold and also a way to incorporate her website so when people received her business assets, they would not forget that Sarinya is LA based.

#logomark #culturetheory #siouxzenkang #artdirector #creativedirector #losangelesbranding #smallbusinessdevelopment #sarinyala #chef #foodie #losangeles #losangelesfoodie #foodstylist #thai

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